MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment)

Our MAT program uses empirically proven medications that curb withdrawal symptoms and prevent cravings, thereby making recovery easier and more effective. For instance, MAT for opioid addiction uses Suboxone which is a combination of Buprenorphine and Naloxone.

History and Physical Examinations/Medical Screenings

During the assessment phase of treatment each patient receives a History and Physical Exam. If any medical issues are detected we liaison with, and communicate our findings to your Primary Care Physician. Within our treatment programs we also routinely screen for commonly occurring substance abuse related medical conditions including STD’s, blood borne illnesses and others (as medically indicated), thereby ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our patients.

Psychopharmacological (Psychiatric) Medication Management

Many of our patients suffer not only from substance abuse issues but also from co-occurring mental health/psychiatric issues such as depression, PTSD, psychosis, bipolar disorder, ADHD etc.  To treat “the whole person” we offer psychopharmacological interventions when deemed medically necessary by our psychiatrist.